Love in the Key of C#

This Spring, Katy continues her relationship with the Santa Monica Playhouse for a hilarious and heartwarming musical celebration of this wonderful thing called love!

From the SMP website: Puppy love, everlasting love, mother love, love the second time around, love in the afternoon - Love in the Key of C# or Bb (see sharp or be flat, get it?!) celebrates love with a delightful look at everything from the waiting game to the dating game, from breaking up to making up, from holding hands to wedding bands, and from grandparents to parents to the little ones.

Helmed by internationally acclaimed director Chris DeCarlo with words & music by Evelyn Rudie and Matthew Wrather, this highly entertaining, light-hearted musical revue features:
Nicole Cleveland, Katy Erin, Molly Gilman, Merri Jamison, and Melissa Ryan
with special guest appearance by the legendary Evelyn Rudie herself!

February 14 through March 29 
Sat 7:30 PM • Sun 3:30 PM
Gen Adm: $29.50

To Reserve your Tickets:
Call the SMP Box Office at 310.394.9779 ext 1
or Purchase Online


“...a delightful musical presentation... The cast features an all-talented ensemble... The five women perform together in song and dance, and each one proves her individual singing talent as a soloist in many of the numbers.... entertainment in style with outstanding music, talent, and a bit of humor to boot.

 - Carol Kaufman Segal, ReviewPlays

“When the cast play out various unnamed characters harking about love in its various shapes and forms, they emote both humor and sorrow in different methods that bring out the answer of what love is and what it ain’t. The result is a very charming and rather upbeat production that touches upon every single aspect on what makes people tick.
The cast themselves
are just as charming as the topic in question... Each player appearing holds their own ground supporting one another as they emote about love while singing about it with the same passion and heart.”

- Rich Borowy, Accessibly Live Off-Line

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