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THE CURE TO MORTALITY is a musical stageplay with book and lyrics by Katy Erin and music composed by Katy Erin and Christopher Schunk.

This science-fiction musical farce explores a future in which the scientific community attempts to make eternal life a medical reality.  Healthcare corporations have complete control over society, and one's value is determined by how you can contribute - if you have nothing to offer in the way of scientific expertise, then you are used as a test subject for those who do.  It's here we find Xed, a test subject who is conveniently more than ready to end her life, as so many subjects before her have done as a sacrifice to the cause - but Xed ends up having to make some sacrifices of her own.

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The show premiered at the McCadden Place Theater in Los Angeles from June 5-25, 2016 as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  It was directed by Molly Gilman with choreography by Daniela Caesar-Roden, and had Katy Erin originating the role of Xed - alongside Sandra Diana Cantu as Tow, Molly Gilman as Dr Colbert, Brookelyn Rose as Dr Titus, and Mary Ann Pianka as Dr Kites.


"Darkly comedic and thought provoking.  This show tackles big themes in a creative way."


"Futuristically fun take on real human experiences."


"Dark comedy at its finest.  You'll leave wishing you could buy the soundtrack!"

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