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Katy Erin is currently best known for playing "Edison" on GAL PALS, a YouTube comedy series which in its first season alone garnered 22 thousand subscribers and over a million channel views.  She also recently recurred as "Megan Dorn" opposite Natalia Tena and Jeremy Piven on the CBS procedural drama WISDOM OF THE CROWD.

Last year, she starred in the short film Hello Goodbye, which premiered as part of Outfest LA before screening in LGBT film festivals worldwide. More upcoming film credits include People With Issues, written and directed by Dan Siegelstein, and Those Empty Eyes, written and directed by Steve Darby.

She'll be making her screenwriting debut this year with the premiere of Emergency Contact, a short film about two girls who bond over the death of a mutually disliked acquaintance.  This comes after her playwrighting debut at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe with The Cure to Mortality, a science fiction musical stageplay about a suicidal woman who is blessed - or cursed - with the ability to live forever.  With a penchant for dark comedy and a fondness for satire, her writing has been called "darkly comedic and thought-provoking," and "life-affirming in the funniest way possible."

A Texas native, Katy graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012 with a bachelor of science in radio-television-film, where she focused her studies on writing for the screen and interactive media.


Emergency Contact

In Katy Erin's screenwriting debut, two girls bond
over the death of a mutual - and mutually disliked - acquaintance.


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